There are hardly any people in this world who have not been attracted with the natural and beautiful appeal of the Greater Vancouver. Surrounded by the mountain, the city has got some real charm that attracts the people to come and get settled over here. Along with the scenic beauty of this city, it has achieved noteworthy progression in commercialization as well.

The growth of the real estate industry in this city is worthy of mentioning and people from different parts in the world are looking for lavish as well as attractive properties in this city. There are extended lists of properties are available, the only fact is that the clients need to hire professional real estate agents. This wish gets conveniently fulfilled by professionals.

Me, Firoz Fiam has been dealing with all the necessary details of real estate transactions for over a decade and this has made me eligible to provide the necessary support to my clients, while buying or selling properties in Greater Vancouver. The reason my service has been so much appreciated by the clients is that I pay the foremost attention to the client’s interest and don’t give up until the client is 100% satisfied with the results. I’m fully focused and give my best effort to protect the client’s interest above all.

Apart from just buying or selling properties, you can also ask for adequate assistance regarding various others necessary aspects of successful property dealings. More so, if you are looking for additional services like; finance broker, legal advisory, home inspectors, home staggers, home remodelers, insurance etc., you can ask for our help and we have all professionals working in our team. We have achieved the expertise to provide you with the desired help.

You can get in touch with me at any preferable time through my contact number (604-817-1955) or via the email ( I also offer the flexibility to communicate in different languages (English, Russian, Bengali, Hindi & Urdu) and that make the negotiation effective enough for the clients. you are just a call away to make a successful property deal in Greater Vancouver.